Sunday, August 7, 2011

Busy, busy!

Phew! What a week! We have been busy getting ready for school to start! It's strange. I feel like we have spent so much time thinking about, praying about, and getting ready for our move and transition to this new culture, that I haven't really had the time to think too much about what it will be like in school. We had a lot of opportunity to think about and prepare for school this week, but it will still be different when the kids actually show up on Tuesday than it has been talking about them showing up! I have spent every day being grateful that I am working as a substitute this year and that I don't have to stress about lesson plans or grading this year. I have more than enough to stress about this year without that added stress. 
On that note, though....we are starting to feel a little more settled. We made another trip to Costco this weekend and picked up a few more American items (real cheddar cheese, flour...I opted out of the world's largest bag of baking powder, so I am still on a mission to find baking ingredients!). We picked up a microwave at the local secondhand store for about $50 which is a great deal around here! Today, we are on a mission for an iron and ironing board (should be fun to lug home in the taxi or on the bus!), so that we will officially be ready for school to start...from here on out it will be ties for Eric and heels for me...woohoo!
We've heard that a typhoon is on it's way this week, so that should be exciting for us! We're up for another busy week!!

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