Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Communication Clicks

For those of you who haven't seen my constant Facebook updates (I try not to put the same things on the blog that I do on FB), we are now wired and ready for communication! Last Monday, we FINALLY got our Alien Registration cards and we are now officially legal in Korea for the next year. The reason that is so exciting is that in Korea, you cannot get cell phones and internet until you are officially legal. So, on Monday, we got our new iPhone 4s (I know, we said we were NOT going to do that, but they turned out to be cheaper than they are back home and the ability to have GPS and bus and subway routes in our hands at all times seems pretty invaluable at this point!). I was especially grateful that we'd ordered them when I lost my iPod touch a week or two ago! More to the point...for those of you that we tended to be in constant communication with before (and that happen to have iPhones), we are in the process of finding apps that will allow us to continue that communication via text and voice for free. So, send one of us an email and we can get it figured out!
Additionally, we are wired via the internet at home now, too. Yesterday, we went and got a wireless router and in spite of the fact that the directions are all in Korean, Eric still managed to get it hooked up by himself, so now our 3 laptops, 2 phones, and iPad can now access WiFi at home! Yay! In the last week, we've talked to our parents and other family members via Skype and FaceTime. If you need contact information for us, let me know. We'd love to talk to you!
One more benefit of internet at home is that I am finally able to upload pictures! There are new slideshows here on the blog (remember if you click on a picture, the slideshow will open in a new window. The pictures will be bigger and you can leave a comment if you'd like!) and on Facebook. I've been having a lot of fun learning how to use Lightroom and my new camera. Hope you enjoy!

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