Monday, August 8, 2011

It's a small, small world!

Well, our first day of orientations did not go exactly as I had planned…I guess we’re getting used to that, though! First of all, our nanny, Vilma, did not show up on time for some reason. We kept expecting her to show up, and we even walked out to the corner to see if she was coming. Eric had to run back to the apartment to call her (we are impatiently awaiting our cell phones still!) and he missed the bus in the process and had to take a cab to school (his first time by himself!). He arrived to school in plenty of time, but we were both pretty stressed...and then our day started...
Let me start off by saying that the world of international education is very small. That results in a number of things: you cannot go out your front door and walk through the parking lot without seeing someone you know and work with, you cannot walk through Itaewon without seeing someone you know and work with, and you will take on much more responsibility than you ever thought could fit into your job description!
So, today I basically got thrown into a job that I had no information about, which was parent-facing and pretty awkward. I had to sit at a table and pretend that I know I something about the parent contact website that the school has. Of course, I didn’t, so I took down the name and email address of every parent with a question. I thought that list was going to go to someone who would know all of the answers and be able to email…boy was I wrong! Turns out, that person is me! So, here I sit with a list of email addresses and questions…and no answers…should be a busy morning!

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