Thursday, August 11, 2011

School Time

My new schedule started this week (though it's a little off still these first 2 weeks), and yesterday was my first day off with the kids...not a single part of the day went as planned. Because Kennedy did not get into Kindergarden this year, I am planning to homeschool her on my days off. We managed to have "school time" for all of about 30 minutes the entire day. She got frustrated, so we had to take a break, then Cade was being a distraction, then I got frustrated and had to take a break...we didn't even leave the house all day and yet we couldn't manage more than a half hour! I guess we'll build up from there!
Thankfully, today has been far more successful. We managed about an hour this morning, and she came to me and said she was ready for school about an hour before I was ready to get started! Then we spent about an hour and a half in the afternoon, and she even started to get it! We're feeling better today!

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