Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone and thankfully, we had another great one! On Saturday morning, Eric and I took a look at the list of items we still need for the apartment and decided what we were going to search out. We got started early and went to the secondhand store in our neighborhood. We were looking for a desk to turn our spare room into more of an office than just closet space. We discovered the second floor of our beloved store and found more desk and office furniture than I've ever seen in such a small space! We picked out a simple corner desk, filing cabinet, and office chair. Now, we finally have a space for all of our laptops, the transformer, and important documents. What a relief! We really don't have enough kitchen counter space to accommodate those things and still be able to cook!
After a successful morning, we decided to "treat" the kids to McDonalds. We were proud of ourselves for managing the last 4 weeks without it! We walked through the doors, and Eric said, " smells like America." The menu was a bit different with the bulgogi burger and a limited choice of hamburgers--the quarter pounder with cheese is all-new here! But, it did taste the same, and the kids were thrilled with it!
After lunch, Kennedy and I took off to E-Mart again on the 03 bus, and Eric and Cade headed home to meet the delivery guys. Kennedy and I really enjoyed being able to peruse every floor at iPark Mall and E-Mart with the boys complaining about how long we were taking. The digital department at the mall is very unique. Every floor has different goods such as household electronics: blenders, toasters, irons, and the item we were in search of, alarm clocks. Another floor has computers and game consoles. The interesting thing about it is that there are all these different counters or kiosks individually owned. So, if one counter doesn't offer you a price you like, then you can go to the next counter and see if you can get a better's kind of weird. Very different from what you'd find in an American mall. Another unique thing we encountered in this mall was the Wedding Convention on the 7th floor. This floor was literally a space to hold weddings. Seeing how we were there on a Saturday afternoon, there was a woman in the white dress and everything. There was a room for the ceremony and another for the reception. And, you could see all of this from the escalator! Kennedy was shocked! 
We were successful picking up a few more small household items and we are starting to feel more and more settled in our little place. Though I still have not had any luck trying to find any type of baking sheet...another day, I guess!
Late Saturday afternoon, we headed to Seoul Forest with a friend and his kids. The kids had a great time playing in the fountains with their new friends! The weather was beautiful, too, which we haven't seen much of since our arrival here! Finally, Saturday night we went to a co-worker's house with our fellow new staff members for homemade desserts--they were delicious and the kids were in Heaven!
Sunday we made it to church successfully, and we're even beginning to feel comfortable there, which is nice. In the afternoon, we made our first attempt to try to hike up to Seoul Tower. It really doesn't look like it's too far from our house, and the signs in the park leading to it are very misleading. At any rate, we probably made it about 3/4 of the way up, but it was hot and the kids were getting tired and we just couldn't make it...another day, I guess!

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