Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taking it One Day at a Time

I continue to be surprised by our inability to get really comfortable here. For instance, I would have thought that by now a taxi ride would simply be a taxi ride that we don't think twice about. I wouldn't have thought that trying to make something in the oven would be stressful. I wouldn't have expected that I wouldn't have a piece of toast until 3 1/2 weeks after our arrival. These are things I didn't expect, but we're managing. We're just taking it one day at a time!
We did finally get a toaster yesterday...and a free one at that! There is a spot in the teacher's lounge where people bring their gently used items, and if you're quick enough, you can get some good stuff. So, that's where our toaster came from yesterday, and last night I had the best toast ever! I think it was the first peanut butter I'd had since we got here, so I really enjoyed it.
Last night we had our open house, too. I'm not surprised anymore when something gets thrown to me at the last minute, but yesterday that something was open house. My principals let me know around noon yesterday that I needed to sit at that table again and answer parent questions. Well, this time it wasn't during the school day...it was in the evening, so I had to find childcare. Thankfully, the same girls that watched the kids last night were able to watch them at their house last night, so they fed them dinner and played, and I got home in time to put them to bed. Anyway, I had to take a taxi to and from school last night for the open house. On the way to school it was raining, and Eric and I had a really difficult time finding an open taxi. When we finally managed to get in one, he didn't know what Hanganjin was, so I told him to go to the Hyatt Hotel (on the way) and when we got there, he pulled in and asked for directions! We were running late because it took so long to find a taxi and now he's stopping for directions!! We were not happy! We finally made it to school, but we were both a bit stressed! On the way home from school, my taxi driver kept telling me he didn't understand my Korean directions, and he would repeat them to be in English. So I would say "wen-chok" and he would repeat "left?". Every taxi trip is a little different than the last!
On Monday night (after the festival that we got back late from), Eric tried to make something for dinner in the oven. We had never turned on the oven, and for some reason, he was completely unsuccessful. It didn't really matter, though, because we didn't have a cookie sheet to bake anything on, nor do we have oven mitts to take anything hot out of the oven with, so I guess we'll be shopping again this weekend!

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