Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Food Saga

In the last week or so, I have finally begun to feel like I can cook here. That's not to say we've had anything fancy, but at least we haven't been eating out of a box! Another thing that's been really nice is actually having both of us home in the evening. Granted, by the time I walk home from soccer and take a shower, it's about 6:30, but most nights of the week we're both home by 5 or 5:30. 
I have been cooking with a lot of rice because rice is easy to get here and it goes well with the vegetables that abound. I've made stir fry with chicken, peppers, and onions. Then fried rice with all of the leftover rice because I used a mug to measure since I don't have measuring cups! I also made jambalaya and by that point I had figured out that my Ziploc containers have measurements on them in cups, so I was able to measure the correct amount of water. We've also had tacos, more stir fries, and penne pasta with jarred sauces. Like I said, nothing gourmet, but it's better than nothing!
The singles, on the other hand, seem to go out for every meal. That's not to say that we don't eat out, but thankfully it's not every night. There is just about any type of food that you could think of in a restaurant here in Seoul. On Wednesday nights, we get together with the group of newbies and have cheap pizza. There is the classic pepperoni, the cheese pizza comes with corn on it, the sweet potato pizza which is thick and sweet. We've also tried a chicken pizza which has a lot of jalapenos on it and is HOT, as well as the Mexican pizza (I can't quite figure out what exactly is on that one). Eric really likes the Turkish kebab place near school, and I like On the Border, one of the few Mexican places here. 
I have to admit, we have not been too adventurous when it comes to eating out. There is a fish and chip place, a Korean grill place that's supposed to be good, Italian, Chinese, and many cafes in our neighborhood. There are so many places that I would like to try, but it is pretty stressful when I know that it's going to be tough to find something the kids will eat! At that point, you start to feel like you may as well have eaten at home where at least they could have a peanut butter sandwich when they won't eat what you make! Now that the kids finally have a good bed time routine, we'll have to start experimenting with more take out! convince Eric...

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