Friday, December 9, 2011

1st Snow in Seoul

We woke up this morning and were so excited to see the first snow here in Seoul! We put on our boots, ran outside and tried to catch the flurries with the camera. It turned out Cade was not too excited to actually be in the snow, and that I was pretty unsuccessful actually capturing a shot of the snow itself, but we did enjoy watching it while it lasted.

I did get some good shots of surprisingly cooperative daughter. I was only surprised that she wasn't the one complaining about the cold.

Kennedy reminds me of my mom here...
After breakfast, we tried our hand at a very simple science experiment that I found on another blog last week. Well, it was supposed to simple. It turned out I didn't exactly have what I needed for it.

Eric accidentally dumped the cream that had expired down the drain last night, and I don't have liquid food coloring drops. The gel food coloring sunk to the bottom of the bowl because it was too heavy and the lowfat milk wasn't thick enough, but we still saw some action when we put the liquid soap in. And, the kids still enjoyed it because they didn't know what it was supposed to look like anyway!

Then, we got to work making our sugar cookie dough.

Baking the gingerbread cookies that we'd started yesterday.

And, finally finished the sugar cookies this evening. (And, just so you know, Cade asked me to take this picture of the snowflake cookies for you. He also directed where I take the picture and which cookies I needed to take a picture of!) Tomorrow, we will decorate them, and then we'll be all ready with our goodies for the kids' Christmas program at church on Sunday evening. I think we're pretty officially in the holiday mood, don't you?

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