Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Latest

Even though I haven't been feeling 100%, I've still been determined to get out of the house and get some things checked off my list.
So yesterday, I took Kennedy to the Express Bus Terminal to check out their collection of Christmas decorations. Just like everything else, it was an experience! Aisle after aisle after aisle of various Christmas decor!

They also have fresh flowers for sale...it reminded me (just a little) of Pike Place Market with its individually owned stands and so many fresh flower bouquets.

Eventually, we even managed to find four stockings that coordinated. For now, they are hanging from the strand of lights that is hung above our sliding glass doors in the living room.

In the afternoon, we took a trip to Kim's Club to get the coat rack that we have been desperately needing. Every Korean house has a shoe closet right inside the door since you do not wear shoes in the house, but they do not have a coat closet. Cade fell asleep on the bus ride home!

This morning, I threw together another batch of cookies. I haven't been able to make it back to baking alley yet, so I had to find a recipe that didn't call for shortening. Savorysweetlife.com came through for me again, and these are delicious!

This afternoon, one of the neighbor girls watched the kids for us so that we could go shopping for their Christmas presents. It was quite the expedition as we traveled from one end of the city to the other, using taxi, subway, and bus, crossing the river and everything within a span of four hours!

We also picked up a present for me right before we stopped for lunch at Outback Steakhouse (honestly, it was the first restaurant we walked by and we hadn't been since we got here, so we figured we'd splurge today. Made it feel like a real date!).

So, I had to take pictures of our lunches with my new 50mm lens!

And, tonight while Eric is golfing, I am working on figuring out how to use it. Couldn't possibly wait until Christmas to learn. What if I missed all of the good shots?!

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