Friday, December 2, 2011

NightLight Ministries

The other night I went to a fundraiser for one of the school's mission trips. We really offer an amazing number of different types of trips to different places around the world!
This particular fundraiser was for the trip to Bangkok, Thailand where our students help an organization called NightLight. NightLight is a company that produces jewelry made by women who are trying to get out of the the sex trade in Thailand. The women make the jewelry themselves and the profits of the company go to pay their salaries. They don't make as much money as they had on the streets, so it is a difficult ministry. It is hard to convince the women to quit their current jobs to make less money. Many of the women have been involved in traffiking and prostitution since they were very young and they have no skills, no confidence, and no one to help them escape the industry. Once they quit working on the streets, NightLight does everything that they can to help them move on with their lives and develop new skills. They teach them how to make the jewelry, they provide a daycare for their children, and they teach general life skills such as how to budget, as well as providing counseling.

Our students visit the NightLight office in Bangkok in the spring where they play with the children of the women who spend their days making jewelry, they help with the morning worship services, and they get an opportunity to see what life is like in this lifestyle that we hear so little about.
It was a very en"light"ening evening for me, and I encourage you to check out their website for more information (click on either of the links or the picture), share what you learn with others, and maybe even buy a Christmas gift or two in support of this ministry and the lives of these women.

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