Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Program

Last night was the kids' Christmas program at church. It was really cute. They had it set up so that the 2 and 3 year olds were only up on stage for a few minutes and they only sang a couple of songs, so it was hard to get a good shot of Cade. He totally reminded me of my brother singing in church Christmas programs when he was a kid. In other words, there was no singing. He stood there and played with his shirt and stared at the crowd. We were just proud of him for not picking his nose!

Kennedy had been practicing her songs for weeks now. While on stage, though, I think she was a little miffed that Jacob kept encroaching on her spot light.

She spent the first couple of songs elbowing her way out so that everyone could see her!

Once the littles were off the stage, she was able to stand front and center and focus on the words rather than where she was standing.

Cade was happy to sit back and watch.

She was easily distracted when Mom snuck up front to get a closer picture.

And, they were happy to finally get some cookies as their reward for standing up there and singing!

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