Saturday, December 17, 2011

Insadong and Donkey Kong....err...I mean Risk

Well, the busyness of the season has finally caught up with me, and the cold that I have been trying to ignore for the last week has hit me full force. Today, in spite of our normal Sunday obligations, I am laying in bed, resting, and hoping that I will wake up feeling better tomorrow.

We've had a fun couple of days spending time with friends before they take off to spend the holidays with their families in the States. Yesterday, Eric had a few guys over to play an epic game of Risk while I spent the day shopping in Insadong with a couple of friends. Insadong is a major tourist attraction, so we spent hours going through little shops looking at jewelry, scarves, and various souvenir items to buy for relatives.

It is always interesting to see the Korean take on Christmas decorations, too.

You just never know where they're going to throw a more traditional Korean structure in amongst the sky scrapers and brick buildings.

Can you tell what this is?

I did have to pick up a pair of mittens that open up to fingerless gloves to allow myself the ability to be able to take a picture of the random things that I walk by. This is a metal rose vine "growing"up the center of the stairwell.

Yes, Koreans like to graffiti, as well. Somebody loves somebody else no matter where you are!

Do you recognize this sign?!  S-eu t-a b-u-k s-eu k-eo yo-yu-i....did that help?! Well, if not, I'm sure the green, the mermaid, and the sign on the doors helped you figure it out.

I made it back to the apartment for about 45 minutes to pick up Kennedy before we went over to another friend's for dinner. I went in, picked up dishes from every bedroom of the house, tried to clear the kitchen counter a bit from the snacks and drinks they had spread everywhere, and was happy to be leaving again! I was also extremely grateful for the rides we got from friends last night. It hasn't gotten above about 28 degrees F the last few days and that makes for pretty frigid walks!

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