Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Last Week of the Semester

I'm so exhausted I can barely type. But, I have to wait for the laundry to finish, so I figured I might as well update you on our crazy last week of the semester. I can't believe that we're already halfway through this year! It has flown by!

One of our neighbors got a new dog this week. Kennedy might be warming up to it. We'll see!

Monday night we had our school's Christmas party. They do a chili cookoff (without the cookoff part this year--no judges, no prizes--which was okay with me!). What that means is that there are about 20 different types of chili. It was recommended to me to bring a muffin tin to sample all of the different chilis and since I don't like my foods to touch, I was all about it!

On Tuesday, I had a good chat with one of the principals on campus about next year. I've been praying a lot the last few weeks about my position for next year. There are full time English positions opening in both the middle school and the high school next year, so I was approached by both of those principals about them. I don't think I'll be taking either one of them with Cade still not being in school next year, but it looks like there is a good chance that I won't be in my current position next year, either. More details on that as they come...

Cade is still struggling to go to sleep in the evening, as well as his naps, but he does manage to fall asleep eventually. Even if it is perpendicular to his bed.

On Wednesday at play group, Kennedy got to play Mary when they acted out the Christmas story. She was in heaven because she got to hold baby Jesus!

Today, the kids and I finished decorating the cookies and passed out some to the teachers at school. Tonight, we just went to Costco...I know not a big deal for you, but for us, it's kind of an event. Thankfully, it was a pretty easy trip this evening. And now we have food!

Tomorrow morning, we're going to a friend's to have a pajama/movie party with the kids before school gets out early. In the evening, we're having our "Jugong" Christmas party with all of our neighbors.

Saturday, I'm off to Insa-dong to do some Christmas shopping with some of the girls before they leave for the holidays. Eric and I are headed in opposite directions in the evening for some guy & girl time.

It's been a busy week and will continue to be, but we're grateful for new friends and new traditions that allow us to enjoy this holiday season, as different as it is.

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