Monday, December 5, 2011

Not Me Monday: The Pacifier Saga

Remember that sweet boy with the binky in his mouth?
First of all, I have most certainly not allowed my son to keep his "binky" until well after he turned 2 1/2. I have also not made one excuse after another for why that is so. I did not plan on being rid of the thing before his first birthday and then I did not make an excuse for why we "just can't get rid of it now". I did not make another lame excuse when he turned two. And, I would never use moving to another country as an excuse for why we still it had well after he turned two (but seriously, the kid needed it for the airplane rides!).
We did not try to put it in the mail and "send" it to Lidi in exchange for a toy. And then, we did not give in and give him the other one when he would not go to sleep without it. We did not then try cutting off the tip of it so that he would not want to suck on it any longer. Finally, we did not give him another one when, again, he refused to sleep without it.
And that is why I am absolutely not complaining about how bad the last five days have been now that we really can not find the last binky. Last week during one of the naps where he would not go to sleep (because he thinks he's giving them up entirely), he did not lose the binky all by himself, finally putting us in a position to be rid of the binky forever! My sweet and loving son would not be putting up a huge fight to take his nap and go to bed each night. He would not cry out for his binky, still asking me to find it for him even after 5 days. And, I would not ever get frustrated with this new (hopefully temporary) phase that we're in. I would never ask my "baby whisperer" husband to put our son to bed five nights in a row because I am scared to do it myself. Nope, not me!
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  1. This is a great post. Super funny. Love your blog and your adventure seems amazing. I plan on reading more...but dont worry, not in a crazy stalker kind of way:)


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