Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just Another Day

Yup, today was just another day. 

Another day of ice skating in the living room.

Another day of enjoying my children's imaginations.

Another day of Cade insisting to put his pajamas back on after we got home from the store. The socks over the feet of his pajamas? Why those are his ice skates, of course!

Another day of making snow angels on the wood floor. Check out those dirty socks. And I have a nanny that cleans 3 days a week!

Another day of turning our Korean picnic blanket into something other than a blanket (For some reason they all have these foil bottoms and a plastic material on top...not really a blanket by American standards. This one we got for free from one of the Korean staff at school.).

Another day of baking cookies, fighting over naps, and enjoying the power of my TCKs!

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