Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finger painting & Noraebang

Yesterday was a lazy day. I feel like it's important to have those on break so that we feel rested at the end. I can't believe we only have 4 days left! I can't complain because this is the longest Christmas break I've ever had. In my whole life. Three whole weeks with no responsibility whatsoever (to my job...still a lot of familial responsibility of cooking, cleaning, laundry...hmm...maybe I am excited to go back to work!).

The kids had been asking every day since Christmas if they could do some finger painting, and since we weren't planning an outing for the day, I figured it would be the perfect day for it. Since I knew that Cade would end up with paint on his face! I think he's working on the cause and effect here.

I got to out to dinner with a group of the YISS moms last night, too.

I had to get to Soonchunyang Hospital by myself, which was a little stressful for me. The last time I was there was that first week of school when we got a tour. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I couldn't have even told you what direction I needed to be headed in. It's a little scary for me to get in a taxi and have no idea in what direction I should be headed. Because, of course, I don't have an accent the taxi driver can understand. He could think I'm talking about somewhere entirely different (so many places seem to have similar names here), so it's imperative that you have a vague idea where you're going. Thankfully, I'd gotten just enough information from Eric and one of the moms that I vaguely knew where I was headed and ended up right where I needed to be (even taking the shortest route to get there!).

The restaurant was really good (just a slight Korean take on the American fare) and was decorated with lots of Seattle paraphernalia which was a lot fun. It felt just like home. Even if the Huskies did have kind of an embarrassing game last week.

After dinner, I had my first experience with noraebang! Noraebang is the Korean version of karaoke. We walked into this place that looked a little like a hotel lobby. We got a room for an hour because we weren't sure how long we would be up for it. So, you take your shoes off (of course), they give you some sweet Korean slippers, and they lead you back to a room that has couches, a coffee table, two TVs, two microphones, two tambourines, and a little round stage.

Unlike karaoke in the States, you're not singing in front of a ton of people you don't know (well, they can hear you through the's loud!), you're just in a room with your group. Then you search through the book for the song you want and you get started! Two people held mikes and sang, but we all sang along with them on every song. It was a great time and we had no problem filling two hours! I think my favorite song that I sang with the mike (and yes, I seemed to have it a lot!) was Gangsta's Paradise...oh the memories! We ended up leaving about 11:00 which is pretty late for a bunch of moms with young kids.

It'll probably be another year before I go back, but I'm looking forward to it already! Maybe by then, I will be better with my camera in dim light because these pictures are not very impressive!

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