Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Tent

Today was one of those days. I decided that we weren't going to go anywhere. We were just going to relax at home and play.

Wednesdays are so busy and the kids stay up so late. So on Thursday, we're ready for a day to lay low. It's also the only day of the (work) week that I don't have to go to school at all. So I put up the tent that they got for Christmas for them to play in.

Cade loves to spend all day in his jammies...and yes, he got plenty of new ones for Christmas, so I'm not sure how I ended up taking pictures of him in the same old ones! This afternoon he was willing to get out of his pajamas if he could get on an airplane and fly to Thailand...I'd get dressed for that, too!

Thankfully, he's pretty good at getting out of them to go to the bathroom. He can't always get back in them by himself, though. I tried to get him to put on clothes three times today, but he wasn't up for it, and I didn't have a reason to fight him on it. You've got to choose your battles.

Kennedy has been working hard at reading and sounding out words...not that you'd know it from the made up word they put on the board.

She also decided that today they were going to hide from mom's camera in the this is what you get!

Silly kids!

Only two more Thursdays to enjoy it, so we're soaking it in!

 then, she {snapped}

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