Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday Lunch

Sundays tend to be a busy day for us. In the morning, often times we Skype with family. Then we just barely make it out the door to get to church on time. Good thing this is Korea. In Korea no one starts anything on time. Least of all church.

"Dad, do you see this?! Look at this, Dad!"

Then, after church we usually go eat some lunch at one of the nearby restaurants. Actually, most of the time we only have about 45 minutes before we have to be back at church, so we just get sandwiches to go (the only good place we know of for sandwiches is right next to our church). We take it upstairs at church and eat in one of the Sunday school classrooms where it's quiet and we don't have a bunch of people watching us eat. For some reason, this really bugs Eric, though. So whenever we think we have the time, we eat in the restaurant.

This past Sunday, we went to a different restaurant. It has a typical American menu...breakfast items, hamburgers, salads. But, it's got a little different take on all of these items. For instance, in a typical American restaurant one could order mozzarella sticks right? At La Vert, you can order "Fried Brie Cheese served with chips and fries and green salad". I could not pass that up. I can never order it again, but seriously fried Brie?! Does it get any better than that? It was delicious! I really wish I'd taken a picture of it, but I didn't think I was going to actually admit that I'd eaten it. I guess I couldn't help it. Fried Brie served with french fries (not sure why they listed french fries and "Aussie" chips...but that tends to happen with Korean translations) and a mixed green salad with an indescribable dressing. I really don't know what was in it! So good. Now I can say I've had it, but if I want to live another year, I'd better not have it again!

The kids also got something extraordinary. First of all, we should know this by now (and I had an idea, hence the camera-readiness). A waffle is not a waffle in Korea. It is not a standard breakfast food. It is a dessert. Calling it a "fruit waffle" does not change its status as a dessert. It just means that you have to pile more whip cream, chocolate syrup, and vanilla syrup on the top.

Needless to say, they enjoyed their lunch! Eric's burger? Well, it wasn't anything to write home about...

Then we headed back to church where we spend an hour and a half with another couple and their two daughters. Right now we're on Ephesians...who am I kidding? We've been on Ephesians since we started in September! But we've really enjoyed getting to know them and right now we're praying that they get jobs somewhere in the world. (We're hoping for Korea, but they're actually applying for a position in the Skagit Valley...seriously small world since they've never even been to Seattle!)


  1. That looks delicious! Fun captures of a wonderful "lunch!" Thanks for stopping by my blog too... a 365(s) is a long time, but just take a picture everyday... don't worry about how wonderful it is. The point is to learn, document, have fun! You can do it!

  2. Okay those waffles look SO good! I like your Sunday :)


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