Monday, January 2, 2012

Not Me Monday: Seoul Tower

My mood did not perk up just a little bit this afternoon when my husband reminded me that the events of today would be perfect for Not Me Monday!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

First off, we have not been really lazy about getting out of the house and seeing the many, many things there are to see here in Seoul. We have not whined about how cold it is outside and decided that it is just not worth it to get all bundled up and go outside! So, the last time Eric said that he needed more notice and we could not just get up and go to Seoul Tower, I put it on the calendar! Yesterday was that day!
the tower is behind the cable car that you can barely see!
We did not look up how to get to Seoul Tower in one of the tourist books we have on the shelf. After 7 months, we know how to get everywhere of importance here! Then, I did not decide that I already knew the best way, so we just hopped on the bus that stops closest to our apartment. We did not get off the bus at Exit 4 of what I did not mistake for Myeongdong station. We did not explore the area looking for the glass elevator before I checked to see whether or not we were outside of Myeongdong station. Upon realizing that we were not outside Myeongdong station, we did not decide that we knew the fastest way to  Myeongdong station and head out in what was not the right direction. We did not end up walking around an entire (huge) city block (or 2) before eventually running into Myeongdong station (It was most certainly not by accident. I knew exactly where we were going.) We did not decide to follow the sign we saw which did not take us directly to the elevator. We did not finally spy the elevator just yards away from one of the closest bus stops at which we could have gotten off.

Because it was so cold and our children were so whiney, we did not decide that we would march up to that elevator in spite of how tired we were. We did not climb those 75 stairs up to the top when we discovered that the elevator is closed on Mondays (we would never head somewhere on a day when it might be closed!). And, we did not decide that we were not going to take the last step of actually buying the tickets and riding the cable car up to Seoul Tower because it was not really cloudy and hazy out. We did not decide that now that we know how easy it is to get there (literally ONE bus stop away from our house!), that we can go any day that the weather is clear (well, except maybe Monday). Maybe next time it will look a little more like this....

Nope, we did not do any of these things. We stayed in our sweats in our nice, warm apartment because we would never traipse around the city with our two kids in tow when it is 25 degrees outside.

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