Friday, January 20, 2012

Week 3: Dream a Little Dream

I'll admit it. The novelty has worn off a bit by week 3. And the theme: Dream a Little Dream? That didn't do much to help me out. So my pictures this week are definitely less than inspired. But, I continue to get out my camera and that is my number one goal, so I guess it's still a success. I think the fact that all of you back in the Pacific Northwest with all of your beautiful snow and so many reasons to take pictures has me a little jealous and depressed too. We haven't seen any snow in a few weeks, yet it has barely gotten above freezing and the skies remain cloudy. If I'm going to endure freezing temperatures and clouds, I feel it's only fair to get some snow along with it! Suffice it to say, I'm jealous of all of your beautiful snow and the pictures I've seen on Facebook; my pictures were all taken inside this week with very little inspiration. WaWa.

Day 13: the fruit bowl on our's weird to me that satsuma oranges have been "in season" since we arrived here...

Day 14: the kids "swimming" in the living room

Day 15: Cade had lined up these cars and trucks in the living room...thought it was cute enough to snap!

Day 16: the only thing I could think of to photograph that encompasses the dream that we are living. These are the flags flying in front of the school. I was lucky enough to be able to get a shot when a slight breeze lifted the flag of South Korea.

Day 17: the Wednesdays that I have off (only one more until May!) are really busy. I snapped this picture of the first potato chips we've had since arriving in Korea while the kids napped. Don't feel sorry for me, we could pick up Pringles at the store down the street if we really wanted them, but I finally broke down and bought Kettle Chips at Costco last week. I have been missing them.

Day 18: playing in the tent...

Day 19: no knead bread...

It should go without saying that the only one that even begins to represent the theme is the flags. I suppose there are many ways to interpret the theme and I could always use one of the pictures of the kids because they are always dreaming up something new. I could say that I dream of becoming a baker one day. But you would all know that was a lie. So, Tuesday is my pick of the week. Here we are. Seoul, South Korea. Living our dream. Whether the picture is creative or not!

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  1. Great shots mom!! Stay warm...

    Hope your day is blessed♥

  2. Nice photos! I would have been thrown off by the theme too. My Project 52 post this week is about how motherhood is "mouthy" at

  3. I love the shot of the flags - and the 'swimming' and firetrucks all lined up. My daughter often lines her toys up and I take photos of it because i think of the little world she is creating or whatever her mind is trying to organize - or maybe she just likes to see them all in a row! anyway, love that they do that! have a great weekend!

  4. I also struggled this week. I feel like everything I wanted to photograph I had already taken a picture of! I'm a little concerned that I'm getting stuck for "subjects" this early in the 366 days! I really like the flags photo and the toys lined up. And I love the colors in the fruit photo.

  5. Loved reading your story & checking out your P52! Very cool, thanks for stopping by our blog!! I look forward to following you each week.


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