Saturday, January 21, 2012

Red Velvet Cookies

Today, Kennedy and I have a baby shower to go to for both my job share partner and the maternity leave I'll be covering. How did I get so lucky as to be the substitute in a school with two maternity leaves this year?! No, I'm just kidding. It could be worse. Their maternity leaves could be one after another rather than overlapping!
Anyway, one of those fishbowl affects is that everyone is invited to all of the baby showers (there is another one if a couple of weeks for a baby that was born 2 weeks ago), and everyone pitches in so that no one person is responsible for all of the food.

So, I set out to make Red Velvet Cookies. Here's my story about those:
First of all, I have never had anything red velvet...all I know about red velvet cake is how annoyed Julia Roberts was in Steel Magnolias when her fiance wanted a red velvet armadillo for the groom's cake! A friend of mine posted the recipe on my wall on Facebook and wanted to know if I thought we could get the ingredients here in Seoul. A "certain someone" who just recently sent us a package saw that post and was intrigued by the cookies. She made them herself and decided she would send me the cake mix since that is the only thing we can't get here (thanks again--no matter what I say here, I still appreciate the thought!). I decided that the baby shower would be a good excuse to make these cookies. My original plan was to make a batch for my friend, too, but as it turns out, I'm just going to bring her the ingredients...she can make them herself (she won't mind!).

It turns out these cookies are pretty labor intensive, and on a day when Cade decides he's not going to take a nap, that is just too much for me! In the morning, after I baked my bread, I made the cookie dough. That was really easy. Refrigerate for 2 problem. Then I made the cream cheese filling. Also easy. Form into little balls and freeze for 2 hours...I can handle that.

I knew the labor part would come when I actually had to bake the cookies, so I decided to do that while the kids napped. After 2 hours of trying to get Cade to take a nap and trying to get Kennedy to be quiet enough in her room that Cade could actually sleep, I gave up. So I ended up baking the cookies with both kids staring at me intently. Ugh.

You take a spoonful of the dough and press it out flat in your hand, then you put the little ball of cream cheese on top of the dough and fold up the dough around it, so you end up with these little balls.

For the recipe, she only made 10 really big cookies. And I can see why. She put 3 on a cookie sheet. Because I'd already decided these were for the shower, I knew I needed to make more. I ended up making about 30. A lot of work. I can see how if your kids were older and liked to bake, then this could be fun. The kids could help. It would be done quickly. And while my kids do like to bake, they are not helpful yet. This was not done quickly. As it turned out, I skipped my workout to bake cookies. How ironic.

This morning, I finished them by drizzling melted white chocolate over the tops. I'm quite sure that I will never be making these again, but if you're up for the challenge, then here's the recipe! They do look really pretty...even if they are both having boys...

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  1. Well they look divine. I completely understand about having the kids help. Mine are old enough & yeah- they would probably be a great help. But for me- when I am baking- it's my time to be in my own thoughts. I can't do that (or remember to make sure I add everything in the right measurements) when I am having a discussion with someone about say... why brown sugar is brown. Ya know! So when I bake- it's everyone out & don't talk to me. :)


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