Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heart Garland

Alright, just a quick post about our latest Pinterest project...the kids and I attempted this project together on Thursday. They quickly decided they weren't up for it, though Kennedy did help me by holding the paper wrapped around the chopsticks.

I think they turned out really cute, though I wasn't sure at first.

They definitely didn't turn out as cute as the ones that I saw pictured here. That's where you'll find step by step directions, too, if you're feeling like you need some heart garlands in your life!

I was already planning on hanging the lights up again and doing the die cuts, so I figured since I already had the supplies, I might as well go for another cute craft.

Eric says it's too soon to decorate for Valentine's Day, and I've never really gone all out for it in the past, but with these boring, white walls I'm putting extra effort into making this apartment feel like home!

1 comment:

  1. Those are so cute!!!! I know my kids would really enjoy that- I really must sit down & get creative with them.


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